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2470 Dr. Springs Rd. Carterville, IL 62918
Ph: 618.956.9350    Fax: 618.956.9353
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Who is Lunsford Architects and Engineers, Inc.?

Lunsford Architects and Engineers, Inc. was established during the summer of 1997 by Paul Lunsford. The award winning firm is committed to providing quality comprehensive architectural services to its clients. The firm specializes in commercial architecture and engineering with an enphasis on educational and institutional facility design. The experienced, talented staff is dedicated to responding to the client's needs and exceeding their expectations. Included in the firm's personel are in-house engineers and architects who provide a full range of services from renovation work to design of new facilities. We will fit the pieces tightly together for your project.

With extensive knowledge in all aspects of facility planning, finance, and construction, the firm is considered an authority for design and construction projects. The firm has completed the design and construction of numerous new school facilities, medical offices, municipal buildings, religious edifices, automobile dealerships, restaurants, mercantile, and state funded projects on time and in budget.

Lunsford Architects and Engineers, Inc is a professionally licensed architectural and engineering firm with the state of Illinois, and is prequalified with the Capital Development Board. The firm has experienced continued growth with a diverse group of professional employees. All of these talented and dedicated individuals are ready to serve you and meet your planning and design needs.

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