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2470 Dr. Springs Rd. Carterville, IL 62918
Ph: 618.956.9350    Fax: 618.956.9353
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is your firm licensed with the state?

A. Yes LAE has the following licenses:

  • State of Illinois-Licensed Architect
  • State of Illinois-Licensed Asbestos Project Designer
  • State of Illinois-Licensed Asbestos Management Planner
  • State of Illinois-Licensed Asbestos Building Inspector

Q. Has the firm received design awards?

A. Yes, the following are some of the awards received by the firm:

  • 2002 CDB MADIGAN AWARD-Brookport Elementary School
  • 2001 IASB NEW CONSTRUCTION AWARD-Frankfort Intermediate School

Q. What services does LAE offer during Construction?

A. LAE offers construction management and observation services

Q. What are the Firms Fees?

A. Competitive evaluation per project basis.

Q. Will we have access to the design professional during the course of the process?

A. Yes a member of the LAE staff will be working with the client from conception to completion of the project

Q. What are the firms Professional Affiliations?

A. We are affiliated with
  • (AIA) American Institute of Architects

  • (CSI) Construction Specifications Institute
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